All of our proprietary equipment is newly fabricated and properly maintained. We work to understand each customer’s specific needs to properly match our heavy duty fleet with each job site resulting in "zero" discharge exposure on-site and during waste transport. 

Heavy Equipment Operators


  • Safely and efficiently transfers drilling solids from open top tanks or pit
  • Large 48-inch clean-out bucket limits exposure
  • We operate multiple sizes and configurations 

Wheel Loader

  • Transfers above-ground dry materials 
  • 4-yard bucket reduces transfer time and exposure on-site
  • We operate multiple sizes and configurations 


  • Used for soil remediation and to improve backyard pad conditions
  • We operate multiple sizes and configurations 

Open Top Storage Tank

  •  480” x 102” x 48”
  • 240 barrel holding capacity
  • Multiple Tanks can be connected together by 10” Flow Line

Heavy Duty Transportation

End Dump

  • Sealed, double-wall aluminum and steel dump trailers
  • All models feature specialized safety latches, gaskets, splash guards and aprons
  • 50,000-pound weight

Bottom Dump

  • Custom bottom dump trailers for dry material transportation
  • Enables organized and easy application of solid materials in specified rows
  • 50,000-pound weight

Fluid Tanker

  • 130-barrel vacuum trailers for transportation of non-potable water, WBM and OBM
  • Versatile tank system for scheduled washouts
  • Ability to safely and reliably transport fluids 
  • 45,000-pound weight 

Bobtail Tanker

  • 80-barrel truck-mounted vacuum tank
  • Can be outfitted with rugged off-road tires 
  • Tank washout and land applications