Community & Environment

Backyard Energy Services is committed to the safe transport and responsible recycling, reclamation and remediation of drilling solids and fluid waste. This is a commitment we make to our customers and to the people of Oklahoma.

Oil and gas drilling has evolved and so has our industry’s ability to handle its byproducts. Our goal is to help oil and gas producers operate more efficiently in the Mid-Continent by being cleaner, safer and more resourceful with their waste. We believe our services create value for all stakeholders, but we also feel that adopting a resourceful and environmentally responsible waste management program is the right thing to do.

Our company is proud to meet the Oklahoma Corporation Commission’s high standards for recycling and re-using drilling waste because it gives us the opportunity give back to our neighbors. Since forming Backyard Energy Services, we have facilitated the construction of many miles of rural road for our fellow Oklahomans. We look forward to contributing to the construction and improvement of many more miles across Oklahoma and beyond.